Aluta Journal NEWS Benue Zone C decries political negligence, appeals to President Tinubu to intervene

Benue Zone C decries political negligence, appeals to President Tinubu to intervene

Benue Zone C decries political negligence, appeals to President Tinubu to intervene
By Bridget Ikyado
Stakeholders from Zone C ,the Idoma/Igedes of Benue state have decried political negligence, hence drawing the attention of President Ahmed Bola Tinubu to current developments in the state, seeking corrections.
According to the stakeholders in Zone C during a press conference,the race for ministerial positions has started and the first ministerial list has been released.
” What  started as rumor in the political circle  that another Tiv son is being prepared to be handed over to the President and Commander in Chief has materialised.
” We  are  highly agitated against this move because if within the state we are inconsequential with the arrays of professionals and human resources that abound , and again such neglect is extended to the centre orchestrated by our traducers, thenh where do we as a nation belong. Rejected at home and ignored in the centre.
” Where lies the future of the Idoma nation in Nigeria?
The said instead view of the forgoing,  we passionately employ the President and Commander in Chief President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to put a searchlight on Benue to have details of the political marginalisation that is going on in that enclave.
Our prayers are as follows;
a. The next Minister from Benue should be from zone C to check the huge imbalance.
b. The President should kindly look into this case prudently so that the needed peace and unity can flourish in Benue state.
The further said It has become expedient to call for this press conference in view of the political development in Benue state.
The wind of change that swept through Benue with the emergence of Rev Fr Hyacinth Alia in an election that was won throughout the 3 Senatorial districts by APC , Clearly showed the strategic approach the APC Leaderships in all the zones demonstrated to recapture power in Benue.
Consequently, the realignment of Benue to the national grid of politics brought more good tidings  by the appointment of our Political Leader Sen George Akume  as the Secretary to the Federal government.
  This great opportunity given to Benue,  is an opportunity for Benue to become the platform to unite all northern minorities ( Middle belt), Southern minorities and all and sundry in strong support for the pragmatic leadership the President and Commander in Chief,  Bola Ahmed Tinubu is proffering. It is in view of this that we under the umbrella of Concerned Zone C Politicians, retired Generals and the youth  wish to thank God Almighty for the emergence of Our dear President  Bola Ahmed Tinubu in this perilous time of Nigerian fragile state,when a unifer was in dare need.
In Benue the victory of Fr Alia brought succor to the suffering masses of Benue, particularly to the minorities of zone C and other minorities within Zone A and B. Our anticipation is that Justice and equity that had eluded Benue for over 47 yrs was on its way to be entrenched.
The recent appointments lately by the governor,  still towing the old line of denying zone c the position of SSG raised a flag that our joy is likely to be short- lived. We are  aware of the maiden courtesy call by one of the our major platforms ler by its National Coordinator Air Vice Marshal  Monday Morgan on Our governor before his swearing, where the group on our behalf vehemently  demanded for the return of the post of SSG to Zone C to show sign of good faith hoping that  a new era had come. The  plea was aired in Radio Benue and most media networks.
Unfortunately When the Governor made his first and crucial appointments , zone c that has never  been given an opportunity to rule Benue since its creation, still lost the post of SSG.  The Benue political configuration  thus is like thi: Governor_Tiv,  Speaker _Tiv, chief Judge Tiv and SSG Tiv. What then is the future of the Idomas and other minorities in Benue?

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